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Price includes:

• Implant          • Abutment

                  • Crown            • Bone Graft (As needed)

*Over 20 Years Experience with Implants

(Dr Seasly is Licensed to Practice as a General Dentist in the State of Illinois)

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How Implants Make Oral Restoration Possible:

Bone heals itself. This is how dental implants work. The bone will fuse to a surgically placed prosthetic root after a short time. Implants are the only dental treatment that integrates directly with the body. All others are surface treatments. (Implants are generally considered permanent restoration, although each case is dependent upon individual circumstances.) Because of this natural process, your dentist can give you a new tooth with bone support that can last a lifetime.

Introduction to Implants

Quality of Life Benefits Include:

• Prevents the Degradation of Bone Structure and Strength
• Increased Chewing Strength/Bite Force
• Stabilize Other Teeth
• Permanent and Secure in Comparison to Other Prosthetics
• Preserves a Sense of Flavors that is Often Lost with Dentures and Partials

Now is the Time.

• Establish Dental Advancement
• Supported By Scientific Studies
• Widespread Professional Education and Use
• Addresses a Wider Variety of Problems
• Increased Diversity of Solutions

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Single Tooth


Replace a Missing Single Tooth without Damaging Other Teeth

Multiple Teeth


Replace a Multiple Free-Standing Teeth

Full Mouth


Full Arch Tooth Replacement

We use the advanced Leucocyte and Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy (L-PRF) at the time of surgery to support the natural healing process.

This new drug-free procedure accelerates healing, supports bone fusion, and increases positive outcomes naturally.

L-PRF therapy is a $500 value we offer at no charge for qualified patients.

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30 Years in the Practice of a Complete Range of General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry. 



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